Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Review: Going Postal by Terry Pratchett

Well, time for a complete review of this most excellent book. It is, unsurprisingly, all about the Ankh Morpok Post Office. As such it is not part of any of the little mini-series that run through the wider Discworld books. But it is one of the Ankh-Morpok books, and many of the old characters from that setting make cameos, such as Vimes, Carrott, and even Sacharissa Crisplock from the The Truth. Notably I don't think Dibbler put in an apperance.

Like all the best Pratchett books this is not just a vehicle for some quite brilliant humour, but like all the best comedy takes an irreverant look at our life. In this book Pratchett sends up the whole business of Hope. It views hope, as it were, from the perspective of the non-virtuous.

This is also a book in which Vetinari plays more than his usual cameo roles. Indeed, there is now a greater sense of character about this man, and it comes across well. He is always watching - a bit like a CCTV camera. He lurks in the pages.

In short, I highly highly recommend it.

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