Sunday, October 31, 2004

A partial explanation of absence

It's been a while since I posted with any regularity. Two reasons for that. The second (and this is good news) is that my connection has now moved from dial-up to broadband. Had a few snags at first, but all is operating now with no problems. And wow. Technology is a good thing. Easily worth the extra £10 a month. Incidentally, I did upgrade just about as soon as I realised my local had now been covered. For the past 18 months the coverage ended half a mile or so up the road.

The first reason that really unsettled me was work. As I may have stated somewhere on this blog I work in a hospital - as a matter of fact I'm a medical secretary. Not a glamorous job, but a vital one, and worthwhile. Unfortunately I deal with a lot of very sick people and their families, and when you are able to help such people, even if in only a small way (and in administration it is only ever going to me in a small way) and they say thank you, well, that is when you know what you do is worthwhile. That it matters.

The problem is that I work in the NHS, and I get to see just how truly fucked-up the system is, and the profanity is very much justified. At the beginning of the month there were a number of things going on which exemplified everything wrong with the system, and the emotional stress went overboard. It is one reason that, at some point, I fully intend to get out of working for the NHS. People spend their lives paying their taxes into it, and in all too many cases they get a poor return.

Just as well I'm now on holiday. Some of the issues are resolved, thankfully. Others are probably insoluable, and will be necessarily awaiting for me on my return. Whatever the faults with a system of health insurance, gettingt he government involved is simply the worst of all possible options. A government screws things up in a way no single company or person could imagine in their wildest dreams.

There, that's off my chest now.

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