Monday, September 13, 2004

Weekend watching

I ended up watching parts of two games over the weekend. The first was the Hurricans vs the Seminoles. Irritatingly, I didn't realise I was getting this one. I saw most a replay, but missed the last quarter. Then I watched about two-thirds of Auburn vs Mississipi State.

This second game was simply dominated by Auburn's running game, pure and simple, and was rather boring to watch - hence why I only watched two-thirds. Still, nice to see Mississipi State get a score on the board towards the end.

The first game was wow. The two defences were just phenomenal. I was coming to the view at the end of last year that, great as watching good offensive plays might be, there is nothing that can quite match the beauty of a good defensive play. There were plenty in this game. I was really, really, irritated when I had to go off and do other things.

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