Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Tory Problem

Anthony Wells makes the following comment on the issue of what would it take to get people to vote Tory:

The thing that struck me is how many of the things the people would like us to propose, we are already proposing.

A little later he posits a few possible reasons:

It does suggest though that our problem isn't our policies, it muct be either (a) no one knows we've got them, (b) we haven't sold them, (c) no one bothers to read them, (d) no buggers trusts us to actually deliver them if we did get in or (e) no matter how nice your policies are you're Tory scum and we'll never, ever, ever, ever, ever vote for you bastards.

As he says, for those people who hold the last one it's not worth trying. Perhaps one day some event or sequence of events will have them voting another way, but it's not something the Tories can do anything about.

I'm pretty right-wing, yet if I vote for the Tories at the next General election it will be a "negative" vote. That is, I'd be voting primarily to keep the other candidate out than keep the current Tory in.

Personally, from my own feelings and from anecdotal evidence, I'd suggest that (d) is he real big issue. The Tories declare they are going to cut down on all this bureaucratic waste that costs us billions. Sure, government is wasteful. But along with most people I just don't think the Tories (or Labour, or anyone) these days has the balls to be able to do anything about it. (b) & (c) are also problematic points for the Tories, but I don't think (a) is a factor. (d) though clatters nearly everytime I hear a discussion about Tory policies.

To be fair I hear it much the same for Lib Dem or Labour policies too. So perhaps the real problem is that most people simply don't really perceive much of a difference of politicians of one stripe from politicians of another, and since are both as bad as each other better the devil you know? Perhaps not the most elegant appraisal of the problem, but I think hits one of the problems on the head.

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