Sunday, September 05, 2004

A personal campaign?

On Friday I twice read that Zell Miller's speech at the RNC was going to make the campaign personal.

The first one was by Philip Stevens in the Financial Times (subscription required), an article entitled "The First shots in a political war". It focuses on the recent attacks on Kerry, without mentioning any attacks on George Bush.

The second was David Adesnik over at Oxblog, who summed up his initial reaction to the speech thusly: "Pathetic. Simply pathetic. Such vindictiveness and dishonesty should never masquearade as bipartisanship. This is going to get ugly."

Do either of these intellligent people really think that the RNC in general, or Zell Miller in particular, are the start of an ugly, personal campaign? Last time I checked no-one has yet compared Kerry to Hitler. But also it's an absurd idea anyway that this is in any way the "start" of the campaign. These people have been campaigning for weeks already. The two parties have been campaigning against each other for this election since the day after the 2002 mid-terms.

Maybe it is because both are operating on a very short time-span. I don't know. Any theories?

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