Friday, September 10, 2004

Living in the Wilderness

I would like to thank Gary for his thoughtful comment. I'll just reprint it all here, because it is important.

I live in California. Kerry is now losing in the polls. For me, it will be another four years in the wildnerness with Bush as Prez. Blair is a good man, but I am sorry he signed with Bush.

Evidently unlike Gary I am right-wing, but here in the UK though I have also been living in the wilderness. Despite his support for the war on terror I disagree with most of what else Blair supports. Domestically my support for Labour is grudging at best. I want them to win the next general election, but that victory will likely mean the further erosion of things I hold dear.

It is one reasons I suppose why I am so enthusiatic for George Bush, I imprint my own domestic longings onto the US scene. That sounds incredibly sad, and probably is, but c'est la vie.

Anyway, thank you Gary for posting in such a thoughtful manner.

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