Friday, September 24, 2004

Kerry's speech habits

I came across this criticism of John Kerry's style of speech, when compared to George Bush, in the N Y Times (courtesy of the Opinion Journal) by Stanley Fish (a boffin at the University of Chicago so the article says). The first paragraph basically illustrates the point:

In an unofficial but very formal poll taken in my freshman writing class the other day, George Bush beat John Kerry by a vote of 13 to 2 (14 to 2, if you count me). My students were not voting on the candidates' ideas. They were voting on the skill (or lack of skill) displayed in the presentation of those ideas.

It finishes off:

Nervous Democrats who see their candidate slipping in the polls console themselves by saying, "Just wait, the debates are coming." As someone who will vote for John Kerry even though I voted against him in my class, that's just what I'm worried about.

In other words, John Kerry, this is someone you need to listen to. Better still, get him to give you a quick "dos and don'ts" list.

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