Sunday, September 12, 2004

Kerry on audio

I am none to impressed with Kerry's appearances that I have seen. Yesterday I heard over FoxNews his radio address commemorating yesterday's anniversary, and I must say I was impressed. Not so much at what he had to say, but at how he sounded. It was completely different from his usual delivery. Just listening to his voice was far different from listening to his voice and watching his face & body language. I had heard that he comes across better on radio, and I can only agree.

Of course, it is probably too late for him to do anything about his body and facial language, which just seems so stilted. After all, he sounded the same on those tapes oh those interviews back in the 1970s.

Perhaps, if Bush wins in November, it will be simply because Kerry's persona does not mesh well with the modern age, and for no other reason than that chance. Who knows.

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