Thursday, September 09, 2004

It's all the fault of that global poll

You may have heard that apparently 80% of the world population wants Kerry to win in November. Of course, I doubt this surprises anyone, and I was thinking about it on the walk home today (a 50-60 minute walk gives one time to think). I don't have any grand conclusions, and to be frank just about everything I've read about the poll has been next to useless - though I'm more than prepared to blame the various commentators in that regard.

Anyway, I was thinking about this and for some reason I realised I wanted to work out just exactly why it is I disagree with a good many non-Americans. So expect a series of posts on why I support Bush. I am going to try and make them directly relevant to me. Education reform is not an issue. Environment, some aspects of the war on terror, trade policy, these are more what I'm going to be aiming at.

So, if I bore you all to tears its all the fault of that global poll.

Incidentally, a great deal of what I read about the poll sort of suggsted the writers thought that perhaps the rest of the world ought to have a vote at the US election. Just look at this quote from the BBC article "Kerry would win handily if the people of the world were to elect the US president". Sure, but then it wouldn't be the American presidency up for grabs would it? Just imagine, perhaps we ought to let Americans vote in the French election?

I guess that last line also sums up my thoughts on the validity and worthlessness of the poll.

I realised I don't think I have ever yet worked out why I so strongly support George Bush. And when I mean support him, I mean support him for the things that are likely to have a fairly direct impact on me, rather than his more strictly domestic issuse.

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