Wednesday, September 15, 2004


It looks now like fox-hunting is finally going to be outlawed in 2006 in the UK. Today MPs voted for the ban - the Lords will delay but this bill now qualifies for the Parliament Act to be invoked and have the Lords over-ruled. This ban is basically the work of urban and sub-urban groups who think that the countryside is a place to holiday in and retire to.

Increasingly over the last few years countryside groups have been getting more and more irate. This time it looked like some people got downright angry. This is pretty much unprecedented. When the ban comes into force I think it is safe to say that people can expect some fairly large-scale rural civil disobedience. And good thing to.

Many of those Labour MPs were quite happy to let Saddam Hussein continue his reign of terror. Many opposed the attacks in Afghanistan. These people I think are simply morally bankrupt, and I have nothing good to say about any of them.

I was raised in country, in Cornwall. Today in Cornwall local people cannot afford homes because urbanites keep buying holiday homes. Today, because of the tax-inflated fuel prices childhood friends cannot get a job because they cannot afford to run a car, and where there is simply no public transport alternative.

I have never been on a hunt, but the meeting was always a grand social event in the village. This is nothing less than a cultural attack of the most cynical kind. If I were to say that kosher or halal food should be banned because of animal cruelty concerns - well, you get the level of anger that I am now feeling. It is that sort of assault on the culture that I grew up with, and my support for the war in Iraq and on terror notwithstanding, this is one of the reasons why, domestically, I have diddly-squat time for Tony Blair or any of his ilk.

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