Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Electoral Registration

One of the most important annual pieces of mail dropped through my letterbox yesterday: the electoral registration form.

OK, I lie. In some respects this is utterly unimportant, since I am already registered at this address, and I don't have to do a thing to remain registered. But still, in some ways this is a very important document. When I moved back down to Taunton (25 months ago now!) there was some confusion over me getting re-registered, and the end result was that I was ineligible to vote in the local elections last year. Of course, I then made double sure I was registered when it came around to the Euro elections this year.

Still, if voting is the most important responsibility, and greatest right, in a democracy, that surely registration is the most necessary bureaucracy?

In the unlikely event that someone who is reading this is of eligible voting age in a democratic country, and has not registered, may I politely suggest that they do so with a minimum of delay.

PS - on a totally unrelated note, if anyone is desperate for hits on their website simply enter in a post headed something like "CBS Forgeries". Given that on a normal day I get 6-12 hits today I already of 40, most of which appear to be searches. I just find it incredibly amusing, is all.

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