Saturday, September 25, 2004

College Football, Ankle, and Nationalised Health

Firstly, watched NCST versus Virginia Tech this evening. A great game, even if I did miss the first ten minutes. Some great defensive play by both sides, but credit really has to go to North Carolina, who defence just ran roughshod for all of the 2nd and 3rd Quarters. Faded a little in the 4th, but still put in a sack or two. Nice climatic finish as well.

All in all a good game to watch and take my mind off the way my ankle has been aching for the past few days. I blame the change in the weather - I put the heating on for a few hours today for the first time. Thank goodness it's only a week till my Orthotics appointment. That takes place on Friday. Of course, nothing immediately will happen then. As I understand it first the Othotics people have to decide if they can help matters, and if they think they can they have to work out what sort of Orthotics they will give me. Their leaflet said getting them might be another 4 weeks or so. My appointment with the Orthopaedic Consultant is doing to be about 2 months after that. So its looking like early January before I see him again. If things continue the way they are though I will say I want to accept the surgery. I don't know what the waiting list will be like for that - but I guess probably 4-6 months.

/start rant/

I was having a discussion with a person at work about the NHS regarding this. This person did not seem to understand that the reason why I could not afford private health insurance was because of the taxes required to support the NHS. This person kept saying that "but you have the choice to go for BUPA", just without thinking. On one level it's not surprising. From what I know this person doesn't really have any financial worries. But my wages are still some distance below the national average, so I don't have any extra-fat for supporting an inefficient NHS and pay for private health cover.

Few things irritate me more than smug middle-class socialists. Especially when my ankle is aching so.

/stop rant/

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