Thursday, September 02, 2004

A case of negligence Part 2

As regards to the situation with my mum and her garage, related a couple of posts down.

Well, on Tuesday my Mum phoned the garage and explained the problem. Apologies were offered immediately, and a time was arranged for Mum to take the car around first thing yesterday morning. Which she did, to be met by the manager and senior mechanic. The long and the short of it is that the two people who worked on Mum's car have been suspended and an internal investigation has been launched. My Mum is getting a refund for the service, and is getting compensated (she and the manager came to an agreement on that) for the hassle and inconvenience. There was much apologising. It was hinted that the two suspended might not be coming back at all (reading between the lines the manager is using this as a chance to make some changes).

All in all what all too easily have been a tragedy (just imagine, brakes suddenly failing on a busy motorway on a Bank Holiday weekend - it still gives me a shiver) is sorting itself out. Because of the garage's immediate acceptance of responsibility and what-not the chances are they might have secured my Mum's custom in the future. After all, it is in moments of crisis that a person or organisation can be best judged, and by all accounts the garage has performed well.

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