Monday, August 09, 2004

What one does...

when an American comes to visit.

Although I have visited Waddling Thunder twice on his home soil, this weekend saw Waddling Thunder come to my neck of the woods for the first time. Which I must admit left me somewhat wondering what to do. I mean, I am hardly the most exertive of people on weekends, or holidays, or even weekday evenings. As it is a solution readily presented itself.

First go to the lovely country town of Wells. Wells has simply one of the most wonderful mediaeval cathedrals in the world. It also has a fully functioning 14th-century clock, which is worth a look all by itself. The town's fairly pretty to boot. Of course, being very much a country turn you take a left and you're walking alongside a field full of cows. This provides for a somewhat fragrant afternoon miasma in the (relatively) humid sun.

Of course, the above means inflicting a rural bus service on poor Waddling Thunder. This should be done to each and every American visiting to remind them why the car is so important, and why petrol taxes are so evil - not that many need convincing. For the record I can't drive, the primary reason being the simple inability to afford to run a car with petrol prices rather higher than $6/gallon. Of course, something like 80% of that is tax.

And then, once one has returned to house and home to have the traditional British dinner of a curry (and yes, these days this is pretty much standard) we relaxed to baseball. And more baseball. And FoxNews (ignoring CNN).

Hell, after putting myself through 2.5 hours of rural buses I was completely out myself.

NB: Of course, since WT has lived over here for some time he knows pretty much what to expect, even from rural buses.

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