Sunday, August 29, 2004

A question answered

Before I went away I asked an open question "Why is defending the (probably) guilty important..?" Blonde Justice has been kind enough to answer. I note that Ken Lammers over at Crim Law has also answered (though in response to something originally on Blonde Justice's blog).

I suppose I should say something about why I asked the question I did. After all, it's not that dissimilar from the "How can you represent someone when you know they're guilty" question. From my perspective however it appears obvious that people like Blond Justice and others think that what they do is important, and it's altogether more interesting than the more confrontational question.

I must say that being religiously inclined that Mr Lammers' biblical grounding has a great deal of resonance for me. It is something I can understand on a gut level, even if I don't entirely understand on a head-level. Blonde Justice hit something on the head though: "The biggest one, for me, is because no one else is."

Food for thought.

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