Tuesday, August 31, 2004

A case of negligence

At least from where I'm standing. A fortnight ago my Mum takes her car in to be servived, which it duly is and given the clean bill of health. This weekend she goes on the motorway to come down to this end of the country, and within five miles she's pulled over with no brake pressure. The cause, a loose bolt or something (I'm no mechanic) that came free resulting in the brake fluid leaking all out. Fortunately she had enough time to pull over safely, and was not going too fast when it happened. The mechanic who came out apparently had some very choice things to say about the quality of work in the garage if they can let something like that go through. It is, apparently, just routine. And this is an AA mandated garage, so it's supposed to be more reliable than average.

Now, all in all this is probably going to work out OK, but for most of the weekend in the back of my head there's been a little voice saying "but what if...". Thankfully I don't need to worry about it, but with the c.3000 road deaths a year in the UK you have to wonder how many had events like this has contributory factors.

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