Sunday, August 29, 2004

Back from holiday

More of a flying trip across the southern third of England visiting various relatives. Visited a very good second-hand book shop, more on that later. However, of more importance I have an update on my ankle.

On the first day of my holiday I had an appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon. This surgeon I had originally been referred to in July 2003 by my GP, but my case was re-directed to another Orthopaedic Surgeon, who just ended up referring me back because he wasn't an ankle specialist, and because this one is. Of course, I did have an MRI in the interim, but nonetheless I feel that something between 6 and 9 months' time was wasted in the process.

In any event this surgeon went into much greater detail with what is the problem with my ankle. It appears that when I had the original injury (back in October 2000) it looks like I sheered the surface of the talus bone and did some damage to the cartilege as well. The result basically a bone that no longer perfectly fits, and therefore it sometimes scrapes, and that is what causes me the pain. More or less, or something like that.

There is an operation he can perform that has about a 70% chance of improving symptoms. As I understand it is basically smoothing the surface of the bone, so that it interacts better. It is a keyhole procedure. I think I will probably elect for that, but in the meantime I have been referred to the orthotics department. That is, to be fitted with some insoles or something to make me stand properly. This is because I walk very much on the outside of my foot as a result of the injury, and that certainly can't be good.

I now have a one month wait for the Orthotics appointment, and then it will probably be a month before I get the orthoses themselves. Two months after that I will see the Surgeon again and come to a decision. Watch this space.

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