Thursday, July 22, 2004

Religious conversion

Amber and Waddling Thunder both muse about religious conversion for non-theological reasons. Amber can't understand conversion because one agrees with the political position of the new denomination/faith, Waddling Thunder is perplexed by marriage converts.

I guess I'm more .. disappointed I guess .. by people not so much converting to a religion, but throwing their affiliation with a religion away because of a political event. The abuse scandal in the Catholic Church is a prime example of that. To begin with if one is seriously a Christian, doesn't matter which denomination, there is this little business about forgiveness. Secondly, why hold to a believe. Certainly the abuse scandal showed the need for some reforms in the Church, but if one was a true Catholic the best thing one could do was stay within the Church and work for reforms from there. Also, if one is a believing Catholic you run into the problem that the abuse scandal did not in one jot alter Catholic doctrine. If you still believed in Transubstatiation, the Immaculate Conception, the Resurrection and so on why leave?

Now, I know of course why various people did. They felt themselves betrayed and so on. But in which case I must doubt their conviction beforehand. I guess many people who identify themselves as Catholics or Lutherans or Anglicans in today's western world are not really so. To that extent I don't overly regret their realising that fact.

More specifically regarding Amber's point about political conversion quite a number of people from the Church of England started going to CAtholic churches after the Church of England allowed the ordination of women. The the couple of years following most made their way back to the CofE because they realised they made a mistake. These were and are people who very much believed in their creed, and it was proved by their discomfort at moving to another creed. However much the ordination of women might have irked them there was a reason they were Anglican and not Catholic, and those reasons were based on the key doctrines of the Eucharist, of the role of Peter, of the role of Mary, and of the role of the Saints. Expect a similar thing to happen with women bishops and (unless it causes genuine schism) gay marriage.

Completely OT - for some reason I'm having real issues at viewing what I post. from my home computer it just refuses to show anything after June 30th. Any ideas why?

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