Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Power Cut
Well there I was yesterday evening, just about to sit down in front of my computer, when the lights started to flicker rather violently. Then the computer turned off, and the lights settled onto a very dim setting. About an hour later we lost all electricity completely.
Power cuts always send me into an odd mood. If there ever were Armageddon I reflect that this is how it would most likely happen. First off there would be a power cut, and no one would know the world was about to end because no one these days uses battery powered radios.
Having had my plans for the evening interrupted I wenet and made myself some sandwiches (smoked salmon), and fought off one of our cats who is very of salmon. Then I went to bed. After all, without power there is precious little to do, and candles aren't the best things to read by. Fortunately I woke up in time for work.
The other thing about power cuts is that it is a helpful reminder of how lucky I am. A power cut for me is never more than an irritation. There are far fewer now to what I remember even 10-15 years ago. And besides, one has to have reliable electricity for power cuts to be just irritable. Just another reason why I rather like living where I do.

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