Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Nationalised health care is something I feel very strongly about. More accurately, it is something I feel very strongly against. Waddling Thunder comments on the issue over on his blog.
Let me tell you, I work in the NHS. It is inefficient and wasteful in just about every possible way. A great deal of that inefficiency comes from government and civil servant intervention in areas which politicians and pen-pushers in Whitehall should be banned from even thinking about, let alone being in charge of. The only reason anyone in the UK lets the situation exist is because they are under the myth that healthcare is free. It's not. It's not free because of the taxes we pay, and its not free because of the time that is wasted.
I have another month to wait for a referral regarding my ankle. I've been waiting 6 weeks already. That is, can you believe it, a good time. Just remember that my first referral was put in by my GP this time last year.
If I didn't have to pay the obscene taxes for the NHS, I would go private extremely quickly.
Don't believe any balderdash that the left might say. The waste in the NHS, and its consequences, are criminal.

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