Monday, June 07, 2004

A thought

I have read in a couple of places that various people on the Democratic left have been maligning Ronald Reagan, though I have not read such things myself. I would think their hopes of Kerry winning in November would condition them to shut up. Whether they like it or not Ronald Reagan was and is held in high esteem by nearly every Republican, and a very large number of independents and conservative democrats. Many of them are probably not too fond of GWB. However, if the left is perceived as "dancing on RR's grave" I cannot imagine many things more likely to drive many of those people into the Bush camp.

So credits to Kerry for his nice words this weekend. But remember, alot of what GWB says is often lost amid hysteria about the "Christian fundamentalists" in the Republican party (this is even more apparent over here in the UK). Kerry I think must be careful in the coming months that what he says is not entirely obscured by the opposite effect.

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