Sunday, June 13, 2004

South West Region Results

Seven seats here, the same as in 1999. Then Con 4 Labour 1 LD 1 UKIP 1

Turnout 38% Full Results here

Labour 209908 15% 1
Tory 457371 32% 3
LibDem 265619 18% 1
UKIP 326784 23% 2

This is where UKIP was expected to do really well. And they did indeed they have succeeded. It is only an increase in one seat, but an increase of 12% in terms of share and the vote. Indeed, it generally seems that UKIP is roughly doubling their share of the vote in all regions. The UKIP vote would seem mostly to come from the Tories (share down 10%) but clearly Labour is in difficutlies being pushed into fourth place. This is not surprising because the South West is very rural, and generally has been a Tory/LD backyard. The LDs got a small gain, but nothing to shout home about.

As a side note, the BNP got booed as their results took place. That pleases me.

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