Sunday, June 13, 2004

North-East Regional Results

Only 3 seats here. Full results here

Turnout 41%

Labour 266057 34% 1
Tory 144969 19% 1
Lib Dem 138791 18% 1
UKIP 94887 12%

Both Labour and Tory shares are down by 8%, the rest of the share being spread more or less equally between UKIP, LD, Greens, and an Independent candidate.

Completely unsurprising. Bad news for Labour, but also bad news for the Tories. Midly encouraging for the Lib Dems, and a reasonable if fruitless result for UKIP.

In terms of national share Labour are down 9% so far, Tories down 7%, LibDems up 4%, UKIP up 6%, and Others up 5%. Short idea of the night - bad night for the Big Two.

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