Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Waddling Thunder pokes a little fun at some habits of mine from days of yore. I think he refers in part to this post of mine some time back.

I suppose an overview of the current situation is in order.

Contents of fridge include: 1 2-litre bottle of Diet coke
Contents of freezer include: bag of ice (now about 1/2 used)
Item included on shopping list for next order on internet: 1 bag of ice

My local Tescos started selling ice in about November last year, that I noticed (Sainsbury's made the move first the month before I think, ain't competition wonderful).

I must admit to occasionally drinking un-chilled coke or vanilla/lemon diet coke. This is still the UK, the land where chilling cabinets apparently stop working once the temperature rises into the 70s, let alone the 80s (as I found out last week).

I have to say all my family think WT has a great deal to answer for when it comes to things like ice.

Should he ever manage to visit me I might even be able to prove this to him, but if not then he's just going to have to take it on trust.

An explanation is probably due to the lack of iciness in these shores. Take these phrases: "overpoweringly hot" "extremely sticky" "heatwave". These phrases refer to temperature in the low 80s and a humidity of 55-65 over the last weekend. One hour in DC enabled me to get a sense of perspective.

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