Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Ice Update

Make my own ice? (see comment below)

Well, this has been tried. It has run into what I call "technical hitches". Basically the old sort of ice-cube plastic bags that I remember frmo childhood that one used to fill with water and then stick into freezer no longer seem to be in production (though its possible I just haven't noticed where they are still being sold). The more 'modern' option, plastic trays with divisions that one fills with water and then precariously places in the freezer, and then battles to get the ice out from, fail because of lack of place to put and because about 50% gets wasted.

As for automatic ice machines - I live in the sticks in the UK. Not happening.

However, when I am in a position to buy my own fridge-freeze you can bet your bottom dollar (or pound, or, dare I say it, euro) that it will have an ice machine. Until then for a couple of quid I'll pay for some supmarket to freeze tapwater for me.

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