Sunday, June 13, 2004

East Midlands Region

Six seats now and in 1999 (Con 3 Lab 2 LD 1)
Turnout Full Results here

Labour 294518 1
Tory 371362 2
LibDem 181964 1
UKIP 366498 2

Wow. UKIP came with 5000 votes of 'wining' the region. I am really not quite certain what to think. I had expected UKIP to do fairly well, but this is something else. Elsewhere they have picked up 1 seat, or 2 in the three regions where they had previously 1. I wonder why they have done so well in the East Midlands. It is not an overwhelmingly rural area like the South West. This puts UKIP on 11 seats, two more than the LDs.

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