Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Death of the pipe-dream ticket

This is now way out of date, but I'd just thought I'd comment on the death of the "dream" Kerry-McCain ticket.

To begin with I never understood, and still don't, why it got touted as much as it did. McCain, though he may not be entirely fond of GWB, and certainly has some of policy disagreements with the White House, has never struck me as the man who would abandon his party and walk across the aisle. Call it loyalty or call it principle.

Then I never understood why they thought a committed republican (if not a committed "Bushie") would be able to work with the equivocal Kerry. My only conclusion is that there must be a level of concern about Kerry. GWB is hardly the most charismatic of figures, but he looks positively sparkling next to the even more stilted performances of Kerry. I sense this remains the greatest problem of the Kerry campaign - its candidate. Unlike GWB's campaign in 2000 that managed to turns his weaknesses - his verbal accidents and unsophisticated image - into neutral, if not positive, attributes.

Now Bush-McCain would be a dream ticket, except I reckon both men know very well that they probably could not work together successfully in that sort of partnership. And besides, I think its quite probably McCain has his sights on 2008.

Clinton Interview

Just as a note last night I saw an ad for an interview with Bill Clinton they are going to be airing over here. For some reason I can't stand the man's accent, it sounds like he's constantly speaking through his nose or something. Of course, I'm biased against him from the start, so don't read too much into that.

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