Friday, June 11, 2004


Amid all this election talk, and the rather more profound matter of President Reagan's passing, I just want to give a quick encouragement to the O's, now three games below .500. But let's find something positive - they've scored more runs than the leaders of the other 2AL Divisions, and all the NL Divisions (indeed, they have outscored all but 2 teams in the NL from what I can tell). IT's just that with both the Sox and Yankees they are between a rock and a very rich place.

Another thought: I have never before really supported any sporting team in my life (only occasionally following national teams in cricket and rugby). But even though my team is not doing so well I'm having fun. Just alas that I can hardly ever watch them.

PS For the record I will be entirely avoiding the entirely of the Euro 2004 tournament. France play England on Sunday, and for the record if England lose I will laugh my head off. Considering how patriotic I am, and how much I dislike the French, that should give some sense of the loathing I have for the despicable game.

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