Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Why American Law?

I notice that Blonde Justice has just 'waved' at me, which made me reflect again why is it that I spend a good deal of my blog-reading time on the internet reading US blawgs. On the last check I had at least as many of blawgs in my favourites file as non-blawgs (the rest are mostly political).

Undoubtedly part of this is because of good friend Waddling Thunder and his stately waddle through law school, but let's face it that's a pretty facile explanation, and probably wrong to boot. More accurate would be to say that WT first 'showed' me the world of US law, and then I was caught hook, line, and sinker.

Part of the attraction definitely has to be the interplay of State and Federal laws, and the the interplay of 'ordinary' laws and consitutions. I think Constitutions are 'fun', and I mean no disrespect the US Constitution (or any other) when I say that. Simply put, coming from a country with no set constitution, I am wonderfully intrigued. This is not to say that I want the UK to get a constitution of its very own, I would most likely be set against it, but I never claimed to be entirely logical either.

Of course all this meant reading The Volokh Conspiracy almost required reading. But then I wanted to know more about this in practice, hence Crim Law, amongst others.

But still the meat of the question remains, why do I, a Brit whose primary intellectual interest is in ancient and mediaeval history, to which I would now add early christianity, be interested in American law? Damned if I know.

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