Saturday, May 15, 2004

US Polls

In the FT today I have just read that the polls are turning against Bush on Iraq. But from reading article I have to say this sounded like more of a storm in a teacup. Of course, given that Piers Morgan has been forced to resign because of faked photos of Briish soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners I'm feeling a good deal more positive than I was a few days ago.


Just a short one now. Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days by Alastar Reynolds. Two novellas in the same book, unrelated, but set in the Revelation Space universe.

The first one, Diamond Dogs, is tightly focused, very little extraneous background detail. It is an interesting enough tale. I have a ghost of a memory that we might "see" one of the characters in Chasm City, but to be honest I cannot remember for sure.

The second one, Turquoise Days, is set on a planet of the Pattern Jugglers - another race before mentioned but not really explained. Well, they're not really explained here either, but we get to know a little more about human interactions. There was something about this tale though, about the ending, that made me feel slightly off-set. The story is I think a little disjointed because of the short format. I think it could easily have been into a full-length novel, and in some ways I am sad that it is not (this is an option that I do not think existed for Diamond Dogs, which could not be converted into novel format). Still a good read with some interesting scenes.

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