Thursday, May 13, 2004


Here's another of them things that I promised. But just before that, can I take a moment to complain loudly and vigorously about getting a cramp in my calf just was a I was waking up this morning. Sure it woke me up nice and quick, but I think I could have done without the dull (and at times not so dull) ache that has been plaguing me all day.

Now, that gripe's out of the way onto Rimrunners by C J Cherry. As I mentioned here I have great respect for C J Cherryh's writing, because she writes amount people and the sci-fi background remains the background and not the story (incidentally, half of Redemption Ark - the half I was not so keen on - was the other way around).

First off, this book contains the most hard-hitting portrayal of utter despair that I have ever read. It also deals with themes of loyalties and origins, hopes and fears, pasts and futures. Its a gritty little tale that takes place on the edge of a dangerous frontier. The story is engaging and easy to read (I read it in just a few hours), but not childish or simplistic. The language is to the point and useful.

Second, the whole question of loyalties is a very well handled. This story centres around Bet Yaegar, spacer, and her journey through this tangled web. She doesn't manage it very elegantly, but is a completely plausible character, the sort of character that after the first few chapters you anticipate their response because you know them well.

Reading Downbelow Station would probably be good to get a better handle on the background of the universe, but hardly essential. Go read.

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