Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Got schedule mixed up

I said it was Giants v Astros I was going to watch, I got timeslots mixed up. I actually watched A's v Rangers. No need to talk about disappointment though. This was a cracking game filled with some real excitement. From what the commentators were saying it sounded like the Rangers had promised much in the first two games, but did not manage to convert.

Well, they converted this one 2-1. Good solid pitching from Lewis until he let Dye get away with a HR in the 6th which rattled him. Sign of inexperience still I guess, I hope he learns to settle because his earlier performance was sheer class. The fielding though was what was great about this game. Two fantastic outfield catches, some nice double plays, plus a few other nice moves. Of course there was a Soriano error that threatened to ruin it for the Rangers, turning a popout out into a double. But then Menge (I think) made two catches out in the left to finish off the innings.

Great game, even if I kept threatening to doze off because of mu general exhausted state after job apps.

Luckily Good Friday is a Bank Holiday. Just one more day at work to cope with. Surely I can survive that.

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