Tuesday, March 02, 2004

More news on the job front

Yesterday my supervisor at my current (temporary) job took me aside that I could have my job for the asking, but on the understanding that I don't continue with the application I mention below. If I do then she will have to open it up the an ordinary application process (and I am most welcome to apply).

I am in a real quandry here. My supervisor's position is very fair, my contract runs out in a couple of months time and she needs to have the post filled by then. That means started the process in the next week or so. So that is how long I have to decide.

I would really love the security of having a permanent job. I like the office in which I am working, I like nearly all of the people, I like the general milieu.

While I like the job I have, the job I am applying for sounds absolutely brilliant. Broad, challenging, with a good deal of indepedence and responsibility. It is a job I feel I could really make a positive stamp on, something that the practicalities of my current job doesn't really allow.

But I may not get it. And if I go through an ordinary application process for my current job I may not get that to. I tend to be fairly risk-averse (I sometimes wonder if that is one reason why I didn't quite make a First at uni). I am also terribly at making decisions, these sort of decisions anyway. In some respects it would be so much better if my supervisor had simply asked me to apply. I could have coped far easier with that, indeed, I was kind of hoping that.

So, I have a huge confidence boost, since this means my supervisor, and the manager, think that I am doing well, otherwise they wouldn't offer the post to me. Amidst the ponderings I'm trying to think about that too. Also, no worries about the kind of reference that my Supervisor will give me. None at all.

Here's not making a decision (yet).

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