Thursday, February 05, 2004

Vanilla Diet Coke

Just a moment to hail the wonders of this creation. I love Coke, but it has been a contributory factor to me now being rather overweight (the other primary reason being Salt n Vinegar chipsticks). Now, I am not terribly strong-willed where my appetite is concerned (apart from around Lent, but more on that later in the month) so I can easily create reasons why not to diet. One of the simplest things I was told to do was to switch from 'fat' coke to 'thin' coke. Problem, to be Diet Coke tastes like fizzy soapy water. My trip Stateside in August enlightened me fully to the wonders of ice!

Such a discovery I here you say. Well, in this little island called Britain we tend to forget about things like ice or chilling. Coke comes from the kitchen cupboard, not from the fridge. However, ice-cold diet coke, I realised, turns from being sickly to being tolerable. Then, back on this side of the pond, I made another discovery. Diet Coke with Lemon (flavouring) was just about acceptable.

A few weeks ago, due to the lack of anything else in the shop near where I work in their drinks cabinet (who knows why they had sold out of the ordinary diet and diet with lemon) I picked up Diet Vanilla. I have never looked back.

This actually tastes nice! And remains tolerable at room temperature. I think I have found another reason to love Coca-Cola and, by default, America.

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