Wednesday, February 25, 2004

The Passion - An Interesting Article

One of my gripes is that the Passion is not opening over here for about a month. There is something incredibly symbolic I feel about this film opening on Ash Wednesday, something entirely fitting about that date.

Anyway, in the NY times I found this Op-Ed by Kenneth L Woodward that I found to be very interesting.

He basically contends that the visceral element of the film, its portrayal of the suffering of Jesus, is the real story here in a modern Christianity that de-emphasis this raw element. He also identifies the suffering of Christ as being one of the unique things about Christianity in this paragraph:

Significantly, the Passion and death of Jesus is the chief element in the Gospel story that other religions cannot accept. In Islam, Jesus does not die on the cross because such a fate is considered unfitting for a prophet of Allah. By Hindus and Buddhists, Jesus is often regarded as a spiritual master, but the story of his suffering and death are considered unbecoming of an enlightened sage. Like the Buddha, the truly liberated transcend suffering and death. But Jesus submits to it — willingly, Christians believe — for the sins of all.

Now, I don't know enough to comment if this is a true statement, but its feels right to me.

In any even read the article. It is a refreshing look at an aspect of the film that hardly mentions the whole anti-Semitic idiocy.

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