Monday, February 23, 2004


So, he is entering the race. My gut feeling is that anything that siphons off votes from either of the main party is good for the other one, and in a race that could hang on the way relatively few votes swing in a dozen or so states...

I think the Democrats are right to be concerned. I think though the fact Nader seems to be running as and independent means he won't be as much of a factor as in 2000. Not terribly original thoughts I know.

Unless he is running specifically to wreck the Democrats. If he could claim to have denied the Dems two Presidential elections, well, he might think that would make the Democratic Party take the issues he is concerned about very seriously. I don't think that will happen, and I hope most sincerely that whatever the result in November we do not have the spectacle of 2000 (which would mean Nader would become a no-factor).

My gut feeling also (and this is based entirely without fact) that Kerry stands more to lose than Edwards, should he win the nomination, by Nader's candidacy. Whatever else Kerry may or may not be he is the definition of a Washington politician. Edwards is not yet cast in that mould, and Nader certainly isn't. Just my ha'penny piece.

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