Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Democratic Presidential Nomination

So Kerry wins Tennessee and Virginia, and Clark goes. Dean is basically dead in the water, and Edwards is holding on for form's sake. Barring a very surprising turn of events Kerry will win the nomination.

I fundamentally don't get Kerry. If he were a UK the press would tear him apart, not really because of his policies, but because of his persona. Look what has happened to IDS as an example of the way the UK treats its less photogenic politicians. The American press seems to be a lot more forgiving.

I also have a great issue with Kerry. While he may have been technically true to say that the Democrats don't need the South to win an election, this is hardly the statement any national contender should make. It's nice for the folks back in New England I bet, and maybe folks on the West coast too, but you can bet your bottom dollar this one has gone in Karl Rove's campaign book and will be hard to escape from.

More importantly his managers must be wondering how on earth to prevent another such gaffe in the future, closer to the election.

At the moment my gut feeling is that Kerry will lose to Bush in November. I hope Edwards does not run as VP, he'll have a better shot at the PResidency I feel if he avoids this old battleaxe. Also it will give him a chance to build up more political experience. I look forward to the day, however, of an Edwards Presidency, though I guess Hillary Clinton may have a role to play there (perhaps they could be running mates?)

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