Tuesday, February 24, 2004

A comment on the gay marriage situation

It looks like Bush has finally come out firmly behind the FMA, or a similar amendment. Instapundit suggets that what happened in SF pushed him over the edge. I find that very possible.

It's a bit like the surprise Andrew Sullivan and others expressed at the Vatican's restatement of its position on homosexuality. Newtonian physics tells us (unless I've completely misremembered my science) that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In life this is useful to remember. The gay marriage activists made made several actions. They must surely expect the reaction.

Oddball thought - did that SF mayor want to push the issue to make problems for Arnie and/or Bush by forcing them into a position? After all, with the Massachuesetts court decision Bush could at least say the matter was under consideration. The SF event though, by its illegal nature (and with the typical liberal attitude that it's ok to break laws if you disagree with them) boxed him into an effective corner.

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