Tuesday, February 10, 2004

BBC spin

Read that link very carefully. It says:

"The bill also has the guarded backing of one of the highest authorities in Sunni Islam - the Grand Sheikh of Egypt's al-Azhar mosque.

Speaking after meeting French Interior Minister Nicholas Sarkozy in Cairo in December, Mohammed Sayed Tantawi said Muslim women may ignore the obligation to wear a headscarf if the law where they lived demanded so."

Now, is the statement in that first line at all supported in the second? The first suggets that the Grand Sheikh is in favour. The second, taken alone, sounds like the Grand Sheikh is advocating a "render unto Caesar" kind of approach, but I would hardly describe the sentiment as 'backing'. Now there may be a quote out there that disproves my suspicion, but if there were would the BBC fail to reproduce it?

You can't teach an the old dog of BBC News the new tricks of honest reporting it seems.

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