Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Another Microsoft bug

There is a new bug in Windows.

I know a fair few friends of mine get very irate about all this business. I personally take a rather more relaxed approach to Microsoft bugs et al. It comes down to a phrase that my mother taught me, with several variations. The variation that comes to mind right now to any whiners is "Life's not fair - deal with it".

The dominance of Microsoft is a fact. If Windows was so awful it simply never would have become the dominant OS, and that is a simple truth. Sure, others may be technically better yadayadayadayada *boredom*. Flaws like these are what you get with insanely complicated programs, and Microsoft does provide corrective patches for free, and if they didn't tell us we'd all be up in arms about cover-up.

So well done Microsoft for finding another bug in your programming - I'm certainly gland that you're looking for ways to improve your products. IMO that is a sign of a superior software company. Well done.

So let's all download the patch and be happy.

(I just had a 'discussion' with someone over this, anyone notice?)

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