Wednesday, August 06, 2003


I am, in some respects, entirely stereotypical. My tea consumption is one good example of this. I drink tea in vast quantities. But, when it comes to tea drinking, I am also very 'common'. Tea and china is all well and good, but I prefer my tea to come in nice big pint-sized mugs.

Quantity in food or beverages is a very American thing. Last November I marvelled at a 1.9 litre size soft-drink container. I bought a coke and spent the rest of the afternoon drinking it watching NFL for the first time. Sometimess big is just so much better.

Interestingly though I was a fan of the pint-mug long before I became interested in America. Natural disposition? Probably not.

Incidentally on averafe I think that I probably drink c. 5 pints of tea a day .

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