Thursday, August 14, 2003

Political funding

If there is one area where US and UK politics differ considerably it is in the realm of political finance. UK parties operate on a budget tiny compared to those used in the US. Even if you cancels out the Presidential election, and looks at say the spending in one of the large states like Texas or California it dwarfs the spending in the UK. Indeed, there is some serious debate about state-funding for political parties.

Of course one reason for this is that the number of TV ads is SEVERELY limited over here. iirc I think the most a party can expect are 5 or 6 Party Political Broadcasts in the entire General election. 'Soft Money' is the other difference.

I have been watching the debate about campaign finance in the US with interest as a result, and read today in the NY Times that the 9th Circuit have mostly upheld Alaska's law. Hopefully this is a good sign for the McCain-Feingold law when it arrives in the Supreme Court.

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