Tuesday, August 12, 2003

General comments

The Alphabetical order for the Californian Recall has been randomly determined. Do you know your R W Q?

6th Circuit Appeals Court

I regard this more as a simple effect of the power and influence placed into the US Judiciary, with personality acting as the catalyst and exacerbated by modern media. Oh, and it is quite entertaining to watch. It is a curious thing, but often the best way to get and understanding of a system is to observe it under stress. I am a happy man, and have confidence that whatever the eventual outcome the 6th Circuit, and the USA, will be better for it.

Meantime I intend to settle down with some Coke and munchies and enjoy the show.

Fund Raising

If there is one huge difference in the political systems between the UK and US it is fund-raising. I thought that while reading this article in the NY Times. It's about Arnie fund-raising in New York City, and visiting a charity centre he set up some years ago.

Which highlights another difference, Americans still seem to understand that 'Charity' is not a dirty word.

NY Times endorses Boston Archbishop

Well, this article reads like an endorsement of Archbishop Sean O'Malley. To be fair it is an opinion piece, but still, it is nice to read.

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