Thursday, August 14, 2003

Dollars and Pounds

Well, I have my dollars for my forthcoming trip to the US. Nice crisp things they are too, with that funny smell all new money has. And I am likely to spend the next fortnight getting completely confused between 1s and 10s. The reason - everything is green!!!!

UK notes are coloured differently for each denomination. £5 notes have a light blue them, £10 light brown, and so on. Interesting £1 notes (you can only get them in Scotland) are coloured green, and I wonder if there is a relation there between the dollar and sterling. Certainly possible. Each denomination also gets noticeable larger both vertically and horizontally. In comparison a $50 bill looks much like a $1 bill.

Perhaps one day in the distant future the US Treasury will discover something called colour, perhaps not. I can live in hope.

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