Thursday, August 07, 2003

California Recall

Looks interesting. I'll be keeping an eye on the Golden State, if only because what is going on is (nearly) unprecedented.

There is however some very important symbolism I feel in Arnie running for Governor. People often scoff the American Dream, and it certainly remains a most intangible thing. But Arnie represents a part of that myth, and that is one of those wonderful things about America.

In the meantime I find myself rather disgusted by those who claim this is all a carnival. All democracy is a carnival. It is at best organised chaos, at worse approaches anarchy. But like a carnival it is full of vitality. Politicians should be prepared to celebrate the potency of Californian democracy, or they should campaign to change it. What they should not do is whine and moan because Gov Davies is unpopular. Whether they like it or not popularity is part and parcel of democracy, and if Californian politicos have not worked that one out...

Celebrate the carnival. It will be good for California. It will allow Californians to make an important choice about their State in a way that cannot be obscured by other national elections. It will remind Californians that they kept Davies in power last year. It will (hopefully) remind them a little about what democracy is about.

And to the poo-poohers of the Democrat establishment - they should learn that to be afraid of the voter is perhaps the worst attitude imaginable for an elected official. On his current reactions I hope Davies loses miserably. It is, at the moment, no more than he deserves for the disrespect he has shown fr democracy.

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