Wednesday, August 20, 2003

All is well - Monday

Well, I have arrived without difficulty. The flight went fine, the only delay was the (expected) wait at immigration. What did not help is that evidentally there were several flights from Western Europe all arrived at roughly the same time. We were I think the second, so it wasn't too bad. Only about an hour. The INS man was particularly unwelcoming, but I suppose that is also par for the course. One interesting difference between Dulles and Boston was that in Boston airport the announcer occasionally welcoming all visitors to the US, in addition to welcoming home US citizens. Not so on Monday at Dulles, where clearly we were the scum of the earth, and how dare we enter the land of the brave, yadayadayada. On the other hand the customs man was very nice, and the wait at immigration meant I didn't have to wait for my baggage.

Had dinner at a steak house. You Americans sure do better steaks than us. Much munching took place.


Went to Arlington National Cemetery. Very interesting. Saw JFKs grave, got a picture. Admittedly didn't make much of an impact. I mean, how much feeling can I have for this guy? Still, nice to say that I have seen it. More interesting from my perspective was the mast of USS Maine (of Havana explosion fame), the changing of the Guard at the tomb of the Unknown soldier, The Arlington House itself, and the statue/grave of General Dill. Who is this General Dill? A Brit general of WW2 who get himself buried at Arlington by decree of Congress. I only remember little bits about him - later I will do some looking. Also went and saw some other graves. There was one particularly interesting orb as well.

During our lunch break listened to Rush Limbaugh for the first time. Interesting indeed.

In the evening go bowling for the first time in 4-5 years. It showed, oh my did it show. I seem to be able to hit the 7 and 10 pin without any difficulty. It was the other 8 pins that caused me problems!


I see someone has left a comment. I cannot read it at the moment - the site that does my comments is down for some reason. I'll read it just as soon as I can.

One final word. BAGELS!!!!

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