Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Rival to Challenger Deep

It appears that there is a possible rival to Challenger Deep for being the deepest place on earth - though it is still in the vicinity. Discovered by a group of researchers from Hawaii, they are not certain of the depth of the thing yet, just that it is certainly in the region of Challender. All fairly interesting.

However, in their inestimable wisdom the researches have named it HMRG Deep. Or Hawaiian Maraine Research Group Deep. What? One of the deepest places on earth and you give it one or the worst names!!!! Did none of them have a family or friend die recently, or alternatively not know of any recent family newborns to name in honour of the thing. Or why not after a ship, or their mascot!

I'll just grumble long and hard about this. I mean, really!

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