Thursday, July 31, 2003

Refighting the American Civil War - Turn 1 (June - August 1861)

The War begins ...

McDowell, in charge of the Army of the Potomac, acts quickly. Mustering around thirty thousand men, he launches an invasion of Virginia (leaving Wasington with a garrison half that). At Manasses Beauregard squats 20,000. McDowell launches a devastating attack, driving the Confederates headlong in retreat. After the victory however McDowell proclaims that Virginia will surrender within a week. Clearly no-one told the Virginians this was what they were meant to do. Beauregard, stung by his defeat, set about reorganising his army with gusto.

Meanwhile, out in Missouri, Lyons leads his army out of Springfield to hold up the advancing Confederates commanded by Price. Leading an assault on a well-defended position he is shot and killed, and his army retires in disorder back to Springfield. Price though is unable to capitalise. Although dead and defeated on the field, Lyons did enough damage to Price's regiments that further advance becomes impossible. Missouri is thus secured for the Union.

Out on the Texan frontier a wily Yank bribes a bunch of Commanche to attack Confederate settlements. They make one attempt against Fort Chadbourne, which is beaten back. However, equipped with some new (well, old Union castoff) muskets they successfully raze Fort Lancaster to the ground.

In the middle ground Kentucky desperately tries to receive guarantees of neutrality from both sides, even as troops muster on both across the Ohio, and in Tenessee. Finally, in something of an anti-climax, the Union are able to secure the trans-Appalachian counties of Virginia. General McClellan, in overall command of operations in that area, set in motion to process of establishing statehood.

First blood has gone to the Union.

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