Thursday, July 31, 2003

Refighting the American Civil War

One of my interests is the history of the American Civil War. This is at least partly because of the personalities of those involved, and more simply because of the military history. Another of my interests in boardgaming. Both these interests combine in a boardgame called The Civil War. I usually play this game solitaire - partly because I don't know anyone else within playing distance who shares both these interests, and partly because that way I always win! In any event I am intending to give a turn-by-turn account of my most recent game.

I am intending to keep game mechanics out of descriptions, though if anyone is interested I will explain more via email. Just one note though - I am playing by a set of optional rules that means various leaders will appear randomly (and therefore ahistorically). Helps make the game a little more interesting and unpredictable. So, without further ado...

The Curtain Rises

For some months both the North and the South have been sounding the drums of war. In Washington General McDowell trains a nascent Army of the Potomac. Not that many miles away General Beauregard musters troops near the Manasses rail junction. Meanwhile Lincoln has sent McClellan to support the counties of western Virginia in their efforts to secede from the Richmond government; and in Missouri Lyons has nearly pushed all Confederate sympathisers out of the state. The Confederates have sent Price with a small army to counter Lyons, and the two are converging in the region of Springfield. Kentucky is trying to stay out of the conflict.

The smoke has cleared over Fort Sumter, and the Starts and Stripes has been taken down. Will it rise again?

(I'll update you all on Turn 1 later tonight).

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