Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Inappropriate commercials

The theory between TV commercials, presumably, is to get the 'message' about the 'product' across to 'potential consumers' who are part of the TV 'audience'. One would therefore expect TV ads to be vaguely relevant to the type of audience likely to be watching a given channel at a given time. Most of the time this seems to be the case. Sometimes it is blatant - like a baseball computer game advert during the baseball match. Others it is more general, Cornetto ads during the same baseball match.

However, I have yet to understand the ads for pension unlocking that also seem to be prevalent at that time on NASN. These ads are aimed at the over 50s (you have to be over 50 to prematurely unlock your pension). This link leads to their website. Now, why do they think that there is a body of over 50s watching baseball on a special satellite channel at 1.30am. Oh I am sure there are a few, but enough to make it worthwhile? One feels they are being scammed.

Not that I object to companies such as that being scammed.

I wonder how much of a problem this is in the US. In my (very) limited exposure to domestic US televison to problem did not *seem* to occur as often. But then I have hardly watched enough to be sure of that comment.

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